Terry Igharoro Speaking

My approach to speaking is to inspire and motivate my audience to think bigger, dream bigger, and push the boundaries of what they believe is possible. I believe in the power of storytelling, and I bring my personal experiences and insights to the forefront to create an authentic connection with my listeners.

Whether it’s discussing the future of blockchain technology in digitizing the African agricultural value chain or sharing my personal developmement journey, I tailor my presentations to meet the needs of my audience. My goal is to not only provide valuable insights and practical tips, but to also spark meaningful conversations and inspire action.

Looking for a speaker who is passionate, knowledgable, and committed to making positive impact?  Book me, and we’ll explore the possibilities of what we can achieve when we push past our limits and embrace innovation.

My Topics

think like an entrepreneur

Think Like An Entrepreneur

Strategies and ideas to help an audience begin to engage their entrepreneur mind state to create solutions and identify opportunities.

business ready for business - hand shake

Business Ready for Business

Always being ready to go, being prepared to take the opportunities that align with your vision when they present themselves.

African agriculture

African Agriculture

Exploring the opportunities and challenges in digitizing African agriculture to drive growth and sustainability.

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